When is Budgens closing?

Booker sold off a number of Budgens stores earlier this year and some of them were bought by the Co-op

It was rumoured that the Budgens in Sandy town centre would be closing ‘around the end of May’ and it would take approximately 4-6 weeks to convert into a Co-op. Well, it’s now June and according to staff still working there, there is still no news as to when this is going to happen. In the meantime, the store is being de-stocked save for everyday essentials and there is a ‘clearance’ sale going on with ever diminishing sale items. Sad to see a store enduring a creeping death and staff must be now very concerned as to what is going to happen and when. 

Presumably, the Co-op have no interest in buying residual stock, especially the Budgens own label product and I’m guessing that Booker don’t want to be carting it away either. Also, what will happen to the Subway concession at the back of the store – are the Co-op going to take it on? 

Update 04 July: Budgens has finally closed and the contractors are now busy refurbing to store on it’s way to becoming a Co-op. No opening date as yet but suspect mid to late August.



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